Maison Berger Night and Day Sensory Alarm with Aroma WAKE UP

Discover the unique concept of Night and Day sensory alarm by Maison Berger.
This product is supplied with Maison Berger WAKE UP Aroma.

A new gesture dedicated to the bedroom, which helps to find sleep and
promotes the awakening experience.
Technology for a restful sleep experience.

The Sensory Alarm with multiple benefits:

Fall asleep in the best conditions thanks to the scented atmosphere
5 minutes of fragrance diffusion

To wake up refreshed and take full advantage of the day by stimulating 3 consecutive senses:
Smell though Aroma fragrances
Hearing though 5 melodies to choose form
Sight with this diffuser with a sleek design

Unique and innovative device on the market:
  • SAFETY - No passive diffusion (patented sealing system) - Flameless: dry diffusion of the perfume with ceramic capsule - 2 years warranty
  • DESIGN - Qualitative materials (glass and wood) - Elegant finishes incorporating the Design of the Aroma collection
  • PRACTICAL AND INTELLIGENT - Easy to use - Tactile and intuitive keys - Choice of 5 melodies for the alarm clock - LCD screen, backlit - Recognition of the fragrance capsule - inserted - Count of uses of the capsule (1 capsule = 30 uses)
  • RESPECTFUL - "Zero wifi": no waves in the room - 100% silent


Manufacturer's warranty: 1-year

SKU: 108041