Wahl 240 ml Health Canada Approved Spay On Antibacterial Disinfectant

Wahl's disinfectant is designed to kill microbial growth and acts as a bactericide, fungicide, virucidal and anti-tuberculosis. This high-quality disinfectant for hard surfaces and personal care devices is formulated to kill germs and slow their spread. It is approved by Health Canada under DIN code #02338521. A DIN code lets the user know that the product has undergone and passed a review of its formulation & labelling.

The Wahl disinfectant may be used in the same way as ethyl alcohol base (like Purell) disinfectants to disinfect hands. It can be used in all rooms of the house as well as on any working tools.

Use it to disinfect hairdressing and personal care instruments such as curling irons, dryers, hairbrushes and hair clippers, as well as on electric razors and epilators. It is very useful for disinfecting hard surfaces such as countertops and hard furniture, computer keyboards and mice and frequently used electronic devices, such as cell phones. It is also perfect for the car's cockpit and steering wheel as well as for disinfecting animal grooming instruments.

This disinfectant can be safely used on surfaces where food is manufactured, stored and processed, health care facilities, personal service establishments, laboratories, hospital seatings and at home.

- Ideal for all professional establishments and the home
- Convenient Spray Pump bottle
- Simply spray on the surface and allow it to air dry for 5 minutes.
- Pleasant lemon scent.
- 240 ml bottle

Active ingredients: Alcohol Anhydrous (70%), Benzalkonium chloride (0.20%), Chlorhexidine gluconate (0.01%), O-phenylphenol (0.28%)


Manufacturer's warranty: 1 year

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