Ricardo Silicone Roasting Rack


Designed to prepare healthier poultry, fish and roasts!

Elevates roast, poultry, fish and vegetables above excess fat and broth for healthier cooking. Open design provides optimal air circulation for fast, even browning. Design for use in pressure cookers, slow cookers, pots and pans.

Double as a steaming tray, it is also suitable for use in Ricardo Rice Cooker and the NEW Ricardo Multifunction Electric Pressure Cooker for a perfect steaming.

- Side handles for an easy lifting
- Made of silicone to ensure superior heat resistance (up to 480 °F / 250 °C)
- Oven, microwave and dishwasher safe


Manufacturer's warranty: A one-year warranty on all RICARDO's products (unless mentioned otherwise on the packaging).

SKU: 63144