Boneco 3.5 L White Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

Boneco U200 uses high-frequency vibrations to turn water into a micro-fine mist, an accessory for healthy air: handy, with water illumination and fragrance container. The subtle water illumination makes this Ultrasonic Humidifier a real eye-catcher a unit for every home. This handy and compact design fits anywhere and the cleaning is done quickly. The high humidification output guarantees optimal humidification with a low energy consumption. The integrated Hydro Cell and the demineralization cartridge keep the water fresh and free of minerals. The unit is whisper-quiet, allowing for a restful sleep or an undisturbed working environment. The fragrance container allows for individual room scenting.

- Relaxing ambiance provided by the LED night light.
- Whisper-quiet performance to ensure a peaceful night's sleep.
- Suitable for the use of essential oil to scent the room air.
- The included water treatment accessories aid in achieving clean mist.


Manufacturer's warranty: 3-Year limited warranty

Privileged member CR: 1-year extended warranty on this product


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