De'longhi, Specialista Arte, EC9155MB, Manual espresso machine

Espresso well done!

Discover the art of espresso easy and well made with the unique features of the Specialista Arte. Designed for home baristas, this sleek and compact machine makes it easy and precise to prepare your personalized espresso drink. From start to finish, it releases all the aromatic flavors of the beans. Total control thanks to unique features such as a conical grinder with eight precise settings designed to expertly grind all kinds of beans in one or two doses.

Brew freshly ground coffee using a complete barista kit including pads, measuring funnels and more. Then, adjust the three active brew water temperature levels to match the beans and roast level for optimal flavor extraction.

Finally, the powerful steam from the My Latte Art wand creates a perfectly silky milk froth, ideal for Latte Art.


Manufacturer's warranty: Basic warranty: 2 years / Warranty with product registration: 3 years

Privileged member CR: 1-year extended warranty on this product


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