Ricardo 300 Watt Stainless Steel Hand Blender

The New Ricardo hand blender is perfect to prepare soups, vinaigrettes, pestos, baby food and more. The trigger control adjusts speed of use, squeeze for faster blending and hold for continuous speed. This blender is made of ultra-sharp blades perfect for mixing, liquefying or pureeing at just the right consistency.

The 8 in. stainless steel blending arm can be used directly in a pot, a bowl or the blending beaker. Included a 2.5-Cup chopper attachment ideal to chop vegetables, fruits, nuts, fresh herbs and more. 300-Watt motor provides maximum power for fast and smoother results.

- Brushed Stainless Steel Exterior
- Ergonomic handle desing with rubberrized finish for optimal grip & comfort
- Ricardo Recipe Book included


Manufacturer's warranty: A one-year warranty on all RICARDO's products (unless mentioned otherwise on the packaging).

SKU: 63401