Centre du Rasoir 70 ml Personal Edge Electric Shaver Foam Cleaner


The solution to properly clean your electric razor!

The good cleaning of your razor is the guarantee of a razor offering a good quality of cut and also of a razor which will last longer in time. It is recommended to do a complete cleaning with a razor shampoo after 2-3 uses.

Did you know: don't bang your razor against the sink:

Even if it seems solid, it is important not to hit your electric razor against the sink, even if hairs are stuck inside. This can indeed weaken the grids and even break them. An electric razor absolutely needs to be cleaned.

The cleansing foam pump gives you:

  • To remove hair and sebum
  • Reduce the risk of overheating due to trapped hairs
  • Clean and disinfect
  • Extend the life of your razor
  • Foam formula for deep cleaning

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