WahI Rechargeable Trimmer, 16-Piece Set

100% more power and 3x the run time. This trimmer’s run time is truly impressive. Its lithium-ion battery has almost no charge loss in storage and has no memory effect. As well as being lightweight, the battery has a quick 1-hour full charge. This full body trimmer kit includes: a T-blade for hair trimming, contours and fading, a trimmer blade for fine facial retouching, a dual shaver for a close face and body shave without irritation, and a detail blade to groom nose and ear hairs and eyebrows. Six position guides for the beard enable you to achieve your preferred look, from clean-cut and 3-day stubble to full and neat. The guide combs for hair cutting can be set at the popular lengths of 1/8 in., ¼ in. and 3/8 in.


Manufacturer's warranty: 1 year

Privileged member CR: 1-year extended warranty on this product

SKU: 3266